LT2A  is an office for architecture. an association of two architects.

LT2A was founded in Paris in January 2014 by Paul Emmanuel Lambert and Foucault Tiberghien.

Paul Emmanuel Lambert and Foucault Tiberghien worked for such firms as Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), Xaveer de Geyter Architecten (XDGA), Pierre Louis Faloci, Hardel Le Bihan, Hermès...

The office is based in Paris. Its work integrates architecture, urbanism, interior and graphic design.


Paul Emmanuel Lambert Architecte - HMONP

Paul Emmanuel Lambert studied architecture at the Versailles / Paris-Belleville school of Architecture in France and at the Delft Architectural University in Delft (The Netherlands).

He worked for OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) in Rotterdam on the Seguin Island competition, the Prada Foundation in Milan and the conception of a private villa in the South of France. 

In France he worked for Pierre Louis Faloci Architecte and Hermès on the construction of the last shop rive Gauche. 

He is still collaborating on several projects with Xaveer de Geyter Architects (XDGA) in Brussel.


 Foucault Tiberghien Architecte - HMONP

Foucault Tiberghien studied architecture in France at the Versailles and at the University of Illinois (USA). He also has a Master degree in History of Landscape (Paris Sorbonne).

He worked for LLA (Lucien Lagrange Architect) in Chicago and H+LB (Hardel et Le Bihan) in Paris.

He is currently still collaborating with Xaveer de Geyter Architects (XDGA) in Brussels on different projects, including the refurbishment of the Macdonald warehouse in Paris.